The new Hypnotik Roll For Water Rashguard lets you do three things: 1) Roll in style with a killer-looking BJJ rashguard. 2) Roll while keeping your muscles warm and loose while preventing nicks and cuts. 3) Most importantly it will help you roll for an amazing cause. 100% of all proceeds from the sale of each Hypnotik Roll For Water Rashguard will be donated to charity: water to build clean water projects around the world!

This is a great cause to get behind. Many of us can’t imagine what it’s like to go without hot water, let alone clean drinking water. Sales from this rashguard will help fund projects that will allow many to get access to clean water. charity: water will show us photos and GPS coordinates so you can see the exact community you helped!

The BJJ community is fervent about creating change and helping humanity in many different ways. Hypnotik and have joined the effort and we’re asking you to help. Every day, about 1,400 children die from diseases caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation. We can initiate change in this area. There are simple solutions like drilled wells, spring protections, and BioSand filters that help provide clean water to communities around the world. When you buy the Hypnotik Roll For Water Rashguard, all the proceeds will go to clean water projects and you get a killer new rashguard, as well as the joy of knowing you helped make a real difference in someone’s life. Everyone wins.

Now let’s take a look at pictures of this new rashguard. Click any of them or the link below to start your order with!

Hypnotik Roll For Water Rashguard

Hypnotik Roll For Water Rashguard

Hypnotik Roll For Water Rashguard

Hypnotik Roll For Water Rashguard

This is a fantastic way to give back in your name and in the name of the greater Jiu Jitsu community. Martial arts have the power to transform lives in more than one way, and this is a perfect example of that. Get the new Hypnotik Roll For Water Rashguard now from and help build clean water projects for the needy among us!

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